A charter school is a publicly funded, independently operated school. Most are started from the ground up, by a team of passionate educators who see a need in the community and decide to fill it. Charter schools operate under a contract between the school and the state government that outlines how the school will educate students in exchange for public funds. A charter school’s contract is renewed based on agreed upon academic and performance goals and state standards for educating students. 

Mission Driven

Founders of charter schools want to offer students and the community a unique approach to learning. They may choose to focus on college preparation, arts or sciences, or a specific curriculum; the sky is the limit! The school’s unique mission drives the planning for the school and influences every part of the students’ day. 

Indy STEAM Academy founders began with a powerful mission: to nurture the academic and creative talents of K-5 students through the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. We build a strong literacy foundation to ensure the achievement of all students and prepare them for high school, college, and careers in a 21st-century global workforce.

Indy STEAM Academy student pours liquid from beaker while wearing safety glasses in science class


Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all learning. Charter schools are usually centered on the needs of the student, often through a personalized curriculum or specialized offerings. An artistically inclined child can thrive in an arts-centered school, while another child may do best in a school with smaller classes and an emphasis on outdoor education. The ability to find a “just right fit” school is very appealing to parents. 

At Indy STEAM Academy, we believe in nurturing the whole, unique child on his/her path to success. Our Academic, Behavior, and Career Plan is a personalized learning approach to support holistic growth and development. In addition to top-notch academics, we emphasize a positive mindset and development of the Six Pillars of Character. And finally, we forge a career path for our students by offering junior internships, job shadowing, and mentoring by engineers from our local industries. By the time our students get to high school, they will have seen multiple engineering and science-based careers available to them right here in Indianapolis.

We believe that failure is not an option, which is why we go above and beyond to offer unrivaled support for our kindergarten through 5th grade students. Indy STEAM teachers provide 90 minutes of instruction for reading, math, and science each day. Additionally, 60 minutes of extra instruction is built into every student’s day to ensure that students are performing at or above grade level in literacy and math. We also offer tutoring and homework help to make sure no student falls behind. 

Freedom to Innovate

Because they are free to choose the best path to success, charter schools can be an exciting hub of innovation and creativity. Highly qualified teachers are often attracted to work at charter schools for a chance to teach in a less restrictive way, with greater creative freedom, or with like-minded teachers and staff. 

We know that to create future innovators, we must be innovative ourselves! Our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics forward model changes the way students are taught. At Indy STEAM Academy, we are more than just students–we are STEAMgineers! Our STEAMgineers engage with science experiments, design engineering projects, code computer simulations, and participate in STEM competitions. STEAMgineers put their brilliant minds to work thinking critically about real-world problems. We are developing tomorrow’s problem solvers today. 

100% of all teachers at Indy STEAM Academy are certified by the State of Indiana and participate in professional development throughout the school year. Our talented teachers are the heart and soul of our school and are committed to innovative STEAM teaching. 

Indy STEAM Academy student mixing liquids in a beaker

Community & Size

Parents looking for a small school, where everyone knows their name, often look to charter schools to find a greater sense of community. Many charter schools are born out of a desire to create a like-minded community, where children can safely learn in a way that suits their needs.

Community is at the core of our safe and deliberately small charter school. Staff and teachers know our families by name, making sure that everyone who enters through our doors is known and welcome. Our class sizes of 15-20 students, along with teacher’s assistants assigned to each grade level, ensure that every child gets personalized attention. We cultivate a close-knit, positive school climate through our focus on core values and home-to-school connections. 

As a public charter school, we are able to offer every student at Indy STEAM Academy access to free breakfast and lunch, uniforms, and before and after school care. We also have industry visits, trips to science museums, and college tours to help students see how their learning can be put into action in our community. The first step to a great career in STEAM is believing that you belong there—we provide our students with the access to know that they belong wherever their dreams lead them.

Indy STEAM Academy strives to offer excellence, flexibility, and choice in your child’s education. We love our close community and invite your family to experience all we have to offer. 

About Indy STEAM Academy 

The mission of Indianapolis (Indy) STEAM Academy is to nurture the academic and creative talents of students through the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. We build a strong literacy foundation to ensure the achievement of all students and prepare them for high school, college, and careers in a 21st century global workforce. #weareIndySTEAM #chooseIndySTEAM #IndySTEAMAcademy Enrolling K-5 now!