Our Vision:  This vision is our guiding light that shows the way which we will take to ensure student success.

The vision of Indy STEAM Academy is to provide a high quality educational option for parents and students.  To help students develop an awareness and provide exposure to career pathways that are available in the STEM workforce and prepare them to take advanced coursework in high school and college.

Students from low-income families will realize that education is a means to overcome poverty and increase their earning power.  Under-served minority students will be qualified to acquire jobs at STEM industries.  Underrepresented students like girls will aspire to take on non-traditional roles and careers in the STEM field.

Our students will graduate high school with credits towards an Associate’s Degree, or Core 40 with STEM Honors, or a Technical High School Diploma, to be able to receive admission and attend colleges and universities of their choice.

Our students will be highly qualified to get high wage, high demand jobs right here in Indianapolis, throughout the state, and across our nation!  Students will become life-long learners and productive citizens in their communities.

Indy STEAM Academy will hold ourselves accountable to for high levels of student achievement and growth and continue to develop the next generation of STEM learners.