We are a free, public charter school with staff who are committed to providing a high-quality STEAM education for all students including students from low-income families, under-served minority students, and underrepresented students like girls.

Our Mission and Promise to You

Our mission is our promise to students, parents, and the community:
The mission of Indianapolis (Indy) STEAM Academy is to nurture the academic and creative talents of students through the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. We build a strong literacy foundation to ensure the achievement of all students and prepare them for high school, college, and careers in a 21st century global workforce.

Our Vision and Guiding Light

Our vision is a guiding light that shows the way which we will take to ensure student success:
The vision of Indy STEAM Academy is to provide a high-quality educational option for parents and students. We help students become aware of the careers that are available in STEM and provide opportunities for them to learn about STEM careers through job shadowing, industry visits, and Junior Internships. Our students will take advanced coursework and will graduate high school with credits towards an Associate’s Degree, or Core 40 with STEM Honors, or a Technical High School Diploma to make sure that they receive admission to attend the college of their choice. Students from low-income families, underserved minority students, and underrepresented students like girls will learn that it is possible for them to get jobs in high-demand, high-wage STEM fields.  As a result of our program, students will become life-long learners, increase their economic earning power, will be economically self-sufficient, and productive citizens in their communities.

Our Core Values Build Strong Character

These core values are our moral compass and represents the foundation for everything that we do at Indy STEAM Academy. Building strong character is fundamental to creating a positive learning environment and school culture which is the hallmark of our Academy.
The core values of our Academy are based on the Six Pillars of Character: