As a new start-up charter school, we depend heavily on grant funds and contributions to achieve the mission, vision and goals of our academy. We are a tuition-free public charter school that receives federal and state funds; however, additional funds are needed to reduce the gap in revenues received to meet the needs of our students and to provide state of the art technology, equipment, and extra-curricular activities for our students.
Your donation will help us to acquire the very best for our students – Every Dollar Counts!

You can help in many ways – any amount that you donate will be greatly appreciated.

Below are suggested items that are needed:

Equipment and Supplies:
Chromebook or I-Pad $250.00 Computer Headphones $20.00 Engineering Equipment $200.00+ Science Equipment $100.00+
Musical Instrument $150.00+ Take-Home Readers $25.00 School Supplies $40.00 Student Uniform $50.00

Thank you in advance for your generosity.