Indy STEAM Academy is a state-of-the-art K-5 public charter school with highly innovative academics and a broad and engaging approach to learning. We can’t wait to welcome our students to our cutting-edge STEAM school. 

Our move-in ready building, the former Tindley Renaissance School, is NOW a state-of-the-art STEAM school. We have smart boards, 1:1 computing, and small classes. Our computer, engineering and science labs, along with our  STEM-based field trips, enhance our learning together. If you loved the Tindley Renaissance School-building, come on back home and learn with us! Here’s all that we will do, together: 

Technology and More in our School

Our computer lab engages students in coding, animation and more. 1:1 computers mean our students are hands-on learning in every grade from K-5. Our youngest scholars learn keyboarding, how to type and enjoy coding using our computer science curriculum. Our older students glean research and presentation skills alongside their engineering design challenges.

At Indy STEAM Academy our holistic education includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Together, we solve real world problems. Our students learn how to conduct a project. They collect data, make a hypothesis and track their results. We are molded by  the Boston Museum of Science and Technology Engineering is Elementary program and Indiana’s Project Lead the Way Engineering Modules. Scientific inquiry, problem solving and a five-step design process are all skills we use together. Our students work on four modules a quarter. Topics include building scalable sized bridges, simple machines, water filtration systems, and solar ovens. Our K-5 students learn about landslides, wildfires, recycling and ecology. 

Our students get 90 minutes a day of science and engineering instruction. During this time every student, and even our teachers and administrators, wear lab coats. We believe in promoting school pride by wearing our school colors, lab coats and uniforms, so that we all identify —  and are identifiable — as the Indy STEAM Academy family. 

Indy STEAM Academy teacher and student in lab coats and goggles

Our State-of-the-art Building and Approach

Our repurposed school now has a computer lab including 29 classrooms and plenty of space for social distancing. We have a sizable playground, cafeteria and regulation gymnasium. We can spread out and we have time to clean between classes. 

We are the first STEAM school in Marion County. We are based on the very successful model of the Drew Charter School, one of the first STEAM Schools, founded in Atlanta, Georgia. Their idea of “purpose-built communities” rings true for us. We build awareness, prepare our students with advanced coursework and enable our students to believe that they can graduate high school and college and earn a good STEM job that includes a comfortable, living wage. 

STEM career pathways are top of mind, even for K-5 students.  It’s never too early to introduce students to all their future holds. We show our students all they can be — by touring local college campuses and STEM labs in use in both academic and business settings. Our Indy STEAM students participate in junior internships and job shadow activities. 

Indy STEAM Academy school entrance with tree, door and stairs

Our Highly-qualified Teachers

We offer a longer school day and a longer school year so that our teachers can imprint in each unique Indy STEAM student how their hopes and dreams are what sets them apart. Our dedicated, highly-trained teachers are all licensed and setting their sights high.  They actively educate our underserved community and help train our young people for high-demand jobs, right here in Indy. We want to move the needle in STEM jobs held by minorities from 6% black, 7% Hispanic and 25% female. 

We also know how life-altering teachers can be — changing the trajectory of a student to find the self-confidence to reach for their goals and achieve their dreams. We never lose sight of what we can each do to support EACH of our students. We know our Indy STEAM Academy students can get a good job, have a better quality of life, and be productive citizens. We look forward to watching them give back to their communities and making others’ lives better for the future.

About Indy STEAM Academy

The mission of Indianapolis (Indy) STEAM Academy is to nurture the academic and creative talents of students through the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. We build a strong literacy foundation to ensure the achievement of all students and prepare them for high school, college, and careers in a 21st century global workforce. #weareIndySTEAM #chooseIndySTEAM #IndySTEAMAcademy Enrolling K-5 now!