This generation of K-5 students is perfectly poised to be whatever they dream to be: business leaders, scientists, architects, mechanical engineers, or performing artists. The sky is the limit! At Indy STEAM Academy, we honor these dreams by guiding the next generation of STEAM leaders in a way that is completely unique and new to Indianapolis, and we do it tuition-free!

Indy STEAM Academy is Indianapolis’s first public STEAM charter school. STEAM is an acronym for the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics. STEAM is the heart of our curriculum and the wave of the future—our nation highly values (and pays well for!) innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. A recent survey by the U.S. Department of Commerce found that workers in STEM fields earn 26 percent more than their non-STEM counterparts!

Indy STEAM Academy aims to make all students aware of career pathways that are available in STEAM fields, including those from low-income families, minority students, and under-represented students, like girls. Here’s how we are preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s careers in high wage, high demand, STEAM careers in the Indianapolis area:

young female astronaut looks to the future at Indy STEAM Academy

Preparation for the Future

To be ahead of the curve, we have to lead with the skills that will get us there. 21st Century skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving are essential to a career in any of the STEAM fields. You’ll find these skills woven throughout our curriculum at Indy STEAM Academy, present in small group times, the engineering design process, athletics, lab time, and so much more. 

Our STEAMgineers actively learn computer science skills, explore engineering by building and creating prototypes of new technologies that solve real-world problems, and enjoy STEM competitions like robotics, LEGO, and coding. We use iPads and Chromebooks and our students grow with 60 minutes of extra help during the school day to ensure their success in reading and math.

Our building is intentionally designed to support our young innovators. Students will make great use of our science and engineering labs to create and problem solve. Every classroom is equipped with SmartBoard technology and our teachers are skilled in using technology in the most engaging and effective ways. 

Early Exposure to STEAM Careers

Sometimes the first step to breaking into a top STEAM career is believing that you belong there. By enrolling at Indy STEAM, your child not only receives a quality education, but we also provide our students with the access to know that they belong wherever their dreams lead them.

Throughout the year, we’ll visit science museums and take industry tours. During fall, winter, and spring breaks we will take our K-5 students to visit college campuses. We also provide unique job shadowing and junior internships over Fall, Winter and Spring breaks. Where else do K-5 students get the opportunity to step into the shoes of a STEAM career and experience what it’s really like to do this inspiring work? We are doing exciting things at Indy STEAM and we want you to be a part.  

Creating our Futures Together

Representation in STEAM career fields matters—which is why we intentionally share the barrier-breaking achievements of underrepresented minorities in STEAM fields as part of our curriculum. We want our students to see a bit of themselves in real, achieving leaders of the STEAM world. In a recent interview with our CEO/Founder Dr. Yvonne Bullock, Indiana native and NASA engineer, Sharon Njeri, graciously shared a bit of wisdom and invited our students to join her in the STEAM fields! You can find this video, and more, on our YouTube channel

Whether your child aspires to be a wildlife biologist, an architect, or a chemical engineer, we can tap into their passions and help pave the path to their success. Indy STEAM Academy is creating the leaders and professionals of tomorrow who will be ready to step into fantastic, high-paying jobs right here in Indianapolis. 

About Indy STEAM Academy 

The mission of Indianapolis (Indy) STEAM Academy is to nurture the academic and creative talents of students through the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. We build a strong literacy foundation to ensure the achievement of all students and prepare them for high school, college, and careers in a 21st century global workforce. #weareIndySTEAM #chooseIndySTEAM #IndySTEAMAcademy Enrolling K-5 now!